Strategic Relationships

NLD’s practice of focusing on four cornerstones of distribution – Competitive Edge, Marketing Resources, Distribution Planning and Distribution Activity – means your dedicated relationship manager will guide you every step of the way in determining how to best engage within the vast fund distribution universe.

Four cornerstones of distribution: Competitive edge, marketing resources, partnership development, and distribution planning

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Whether you’re launching a new fund or seeking to optimize the sales opportunities for your existing fund, NLD will collaborate and strategize with you to customize and monitor your firm’s distribution strategy.

Distribution Planning

NLD’s distribution readiness process guides us in tailoring a distribution plan to fit your firm’s budget, marketing goals, and sales activity objectives.

Discover, Plan, Prepare, Act


Introduction to distribution, distribution assessment, distribution readiness, ongoing distribution support

Industry Intermediary Relationship Development

NLD will partner with you to identify and develop industry intermediary relationships that are key within your target market and fit within your current business development cycle.

Steps of growth showing capital raise, emerging, growth, and established

Where are you in the growth cycle?

What is the best distribution opportunity in your development?

What should you focus on at each stage?

Do you have a distribution plan to fit your current and future growth plans?

Product Placement Guidance and Advocacy

Each industry and intermediary distribution opportunity is unique. NLD will help you navigate and understand the distinct requirements to best advocate your product.

Identify, Educate, Strategize, Advocate

Sponsorship Identification

Finding the right sponsorship opportunity takes time and careful analysis. We will provide guidance on which sponsorship opportunity best fits your tailored distribution plan.